We partner with physicians and researchers to develop apps that allow older adults to better manage their health so they can age in place.



We accomplish this by creating apps that allow physicians, caregivers and family members to communicate and

work as a team to provide the best possible care for older adults at home.


Our team of technologists and designers meet with clinicians and researchers to customize the design of

each mobile app and accomplish the following:

Remind caregivers and patients to record vitals, 

glucose, temperature, pain level, and to take medications 

as prescribed.

Apply algorithms to identify “red flags” for each patient and send alerts to the remote-monitoring care team.

Provide educational messages to caregivers and allow providers to change the care plan as needed.

Provide FAQs and timely answers from 

clinicians, to address older adults' health care questions 

that arise in their daily disease management.

Beta test and monitor app performance as well as train participants and clinicians to use the app through onsite learning and online support.

intelliAIDE mHealth app for caregivers

Currently there are more than 42 million adults age 65 and older in the U.S.  

That number will increase to over 70 million by 2030.  A majority will choose to age in place at home because it is their best financial option. We specialize in the development of m-Health apps that help older adults age in place through self-management of chronic conditions or by helping informal caregivers to consistently perform vital tasks in the older adult’s plan of care. Our goal is to improve health care outcomes of older adults.